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wow! - I'm still recouping from a hectic but fun summer...

Normality returns to my house yet another year, kids back to school, husband working normal hours and guests gone back to their respective homes :0(
... I'll miss them!!

The highlight of this summer was yet another great photo-shoot. In this one, my daughter in law Amy, my niece Leyre and my daughter Destiny.
This is something I love to do not only because of the effect that causes on them, its so uplifting and self-empowering seeing yourself on a photograph looking like a model... and although that alone is very encouraging to me I also look for the chance to engage on new craft projects.

As much as I like to take all the credit for the ALWAYS outstanding results, it is the photographers talent what makes it an event to remember in a tangible way. Their photos become our proof, our pride on paper. These photographs were taken by two great friends (mother and daughter) who take enormous pride for their craft and without objections took this DIY photo-shoot session to another level, thanks Stephanie and Jo-Anne!!!
ALso, thanks to my dear friend Barbara Floyd who took great care of the model's hair and powdered their noses every 5 minutes, gracias Barb!

Without further due, here are the pics!!

The following photos are the work of Jo-Anne Haley from

The following photos are the work of Stephanie Jukes from

This shoot promised to be special because I had amazing props and the perfect location.

About the props: After a couple of months of scavenging through thrift stores and garage sales for interesting objects with potential and diverse other materials to play with, I created enough props to set up 5 areas in the woods near my house.
The theme for this woodland style shoot was "Muses Of The Forest" so I created 4 "all white" wardrobes for each of the three girls, several floral and burlap crowns, jewelry and accessories, a whimsical tent, a rustic tree swing, a chic mirror a vanity stage with curtains backdrops, a chandelier and my fav!!... a tree brunch lounging area for the muses with lots of lace.I didn't keep track of the expense involved because it was very sporadic and a lot of times without receipts but I would estimate about $250.


  1. Como ya antes he comentado... las fotos son preciosas y las modelos tb; pero creo que tb influye mx, como se preparen y presente los exteriores... y eso es cosa tuya, Viky... Enhorabuena, son preciosos!!!

  2. It can be heaps of work on the off chance that you are doing it without anyone's help yet when you stroll through the front entryway of your finished summer house, you will overlook how much work it took to arrive!screened gazebos for sale

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